Forget about kicking the bucket and make the most out of your money. Enjoy Retiring at ease

Forget about kicking the bucket and make the most out of your money. Enjoy Retiring at ease

If you are living in the United States and considering retiring abroad. NOW is the time. Make the smart move, sell your house and spend your golden years enjoying Panamá.

This is a perfect time to sell your home as supply is low and demand is high, which drives home prices up as demand continues to exceed the inventory. The number of buyers ready and willing to make a purchase is at the highest level in years, so it will sell fast. Hit the market before everyone else do and the prices drop.

If moving towards the sun is a factor, and we know it is, Panamá it´s the place to be. The Cost of living in Panama City (Panama) is 40% cheaper than in Miami, Florida.

Having earned the nickname “the Dubai of South America” for its skyscrapers and booming economy, this Central American country has attracted the attention of many, but what about this land of plenty that has obsess us a little? From the colonial to the ultra-modern, mountains and jungles, cityscapes luxury and beautiful coastline, unique diversity, friendly people, delicious food and interesting culture architecture. Panama features world-class attractions, a vibrant Miami-style city, exotic tropical rain forests, beautiful mountain refuges with perfect weather, first-rate golfing, diving, fishing, islands and beaches on both the Pacific and Atlantic coasts. With all this and more, you will never get bored! Panama has it all … is an excellent place to visit and even more to live and invest in real estate.  Why you should buy? Avoid the ravages of inflation; get an incredible return on investment. What would cost several million dollars on the shores of the United States in Panama you can get in a much lower price; enjoy urban life with the square meters of suburban life and a short walk from the ocean and live in this idyllic location where your dollars will stretch further…


Panamá is a retirement heaven, it offers the best package of retirement benefits in the world according to The Annual List of International Living Magazine 2016, as many others publications and experts in the field also agree. Panamá has a low cost of living comparing even with the cheapest cities in the US. Take advantage of the “pensionado discounts”, and stretch your money even further.

The following benefits are for all retirees, both foreign residents and Panamanian:

Panama offers the best package of retirement benefits (2)

You can make your retirees request with pension income subject to be verified, of at least $ 1,000 a month.  Showing that you can afford to live well in Panama will grant you legal residence and access to all the discounts for pensioners. These include two major benefits foreign pensioners are entitled in addition:

A single tax exemption on the importation of household goods (up to $ 10,000)

A tax exemption every two years when imported or (even better) a car is purchased locally

People live longer nowadays, that´s a fact. How they live it?, it´s the result of an important decision, so make the right choice and take the most out of your golden years.  Contact us to get the process started and we´ll handle the rest.

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